Our Team

The DAFHT is a team of providers that support patients and families across the continuum of care with a focus on primary care, chronic disease management and prevention. Our providers include:


Family Physicians

Dr. Ayers

Dr. Cook

Dr. Cortens

Dr. Goulet

Dr. Intwala

Dr. Jollymore

Dr. Kehler

Dr. Lorbetskie

Dr. Moir

Dr. Viherjoki

Dr. Wilson-Smith

Nurse Practitioners

Tina Bryant

Sandra Ottertail

Tara Ogier

Paula Stringer-Hussey

Registered Nurses

Reaghann McGinn

Jennifer Millard

Dryden Diabetes Program

Suzanne Wice, Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator

Deha Reimer, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator

Occupational Therapist

Susan Traini

Registered Dietitian

Kerry Gagne

Mental Health Therapists

Individual and Family Therapy, Chronic Disease Management

Sheri McMenemy

Phyllis Bauldic

Registered Practical Nurses

Tammy Brunet

Rikky Levesque

Marcy Cutts

Melissa Szachury

Administrative Support

Lucy Venne-Nabb, Director

Wendy Allen, Dingwall Medical Group Manager

Sheila Imrie, Medical Manager – Dr. Michael A. Cortens

Rae-Lynn Meade, FHT Program Assistant

Leanne Taylor, FHT Program Assistant/Diabetes Program Assistant

Janette Brannan, FHT Program Assistant