Our Diabetes Team

Diabetes Continuing Care and Education by Qualified Health Care Professionals is crucial for managing the disease.

Our Team Provides

  • individual and family diabetes education
  • pregnancy and gestational diabetes education, preconception and postpartum counselling
  • community outreach programs
  • meal planning
  • screening clinics and blood glucose monitoring
  • stress management and counseling
  • provision of resources on diabetes
  • presentations on request
  • specialized clinics
  • walk-in clinics monthly

Our Diabetes Team

We are a group of skilled diabetes educators working as a team to provide diabetes programs.

  • Coordinator/Nurse Educator(s)
  • Dietitian Educator
  • Office Support Staff

Our team also works with doctors, other allied health providers such as pharmacists, community health representatives and nurses, hospital nurses, dieticians, visiting nurses and chiropodists when appropriate.