Chronic Pain Self-Management Program

The Chronic Pain Self-Management Program is a 8 week workshop (1.5 hours once weekly for 8 weeks) designed to help you learn ways to self-manage your chronic pain condition.

Subjects include:

  1. Techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, isolation, and poor sleep.
  2. Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  3. Appropriate use of medications.
  4. Communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals.
  5. Nutrition.
  6. Pacing activity and rest.
  7. How to evaluate new treatments.
  8. Difference between acute and chronic pain
  9. Debunking myths about chronic pain
  10. Pain and symptom cycle
  11. Moving Easy Program (a light exercise program)
  12. Pacing activity and rest
  13. Medications and chronic pain
  14. Fatigue and sleep management
  15. Communicating about pain.

Research studies have found that, on average, people who have taken the program have more vitality, less pain, less dependence on others, improved mental health, and are more involved in everyday activities compared to people who have not taken the program.

No physician referral needed, just call and make an appointment!

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